• Mending My Heart and Marriage after Abortion

    A hole was ripped in my heart the day I got my abortion along with a hole in my marriage. How could I trust this person who did not love all of me, did not want our baby? Who was I now that I had rejected this new life? I hated myself. My identity as a mother and wife was shattered. What kind of mother was I? How could I ever respect myself again? How could I respect my marriage, my husband? How come I didn’t stand up for my child? How come I didn’t know it was a child

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  • Dream a Little Dream

    I had a dream that I was in a room or a church that was full of people singing a hymn. I didn’t know the words but the melody was familiar . Because of my comfort with the music, I was able to learn the words easily and soon found I was singing along with the rest of the congregation. Then, the telephone rang and my dream was over. It was one of the Sisters calling to tell me about our next group “Gathering” for post abortion healing. This connection after my dream left me thinking about the last three years.

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  • A Story of Hope

    Years ago, I had an abortion. By writing this I hope to reach anyone who may be suffering as I was, and to share with them my experience and healing.

    I grew up in a Catholic home. Despite my refusal to accept many teachings of the church, I did believe in the sanctity of all human life. When I got pregnant during my first year in college, I felt my only choice was adoption. Although this was a most painful experience, it didn’t compare to the horror I went through a year later when I aborted my second child. Deep

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  • Our Hearts are Restless

    If I could change anything about my life it would be to never have aborted my two children. But I did it, and there is no turning back.

    Since facing my abortions, my life had been a nightmare, but also a wake up call. I had no other choice but to take the opportunity to take a closer look at myself and the way I was living my life. I was desperate and had to do something. My life was in danger because of the depression I was living in.

    That’s when I was blessed to come across Lumina while

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  • His Mercy Endures Forever

    It is good to be able to tell the story of Jesus Christ and His Loving Mercy toward me, because He rescued me from total self destruction. This really is the story of His saving Love and Mercy, the power of intercessory prayer, and the Hope there is for everyone in Christ. I am assured He wants me to share my story knowing it’s the last thing I would ever have wanted to do, but also knowing Jesus wants everyone to know of His love and mercy for each one of us.

    When I was fourteen I was raped. Worse

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  • God is Forgiveness & Love

    The following is an excerpt of what I wrote days before my abortion when I was 19 and struggling with my boyfriend to make a decision.

    “I go to college. We are happy. I really do love my family. My father picks up garbage for a living. His is an executive for a major corporation. I don’t know how we came together. We are so different. I didn’t even know him. All I knew was that I liked him. I liked him well enough to let him stay in my room to sleep with me. And after a time, I

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  • A Song of Hope

    My family has a generation-spanning commitment to social justice. My grandmother was a leader of the American Civil Rights Congress and an early champion of the rights of Black Americans. Her friend, Paul Robeson, toured on behalf of the Congress in 1949, the occasion for the infamous Peekskill riots.

    As a committed Catholic girl opposed to violence, I joined the War Resisters League at the age of twelve. As a teen, I spoke at nuclear disarmament rallies. At the same age, I began exploring the gift of my singing voice, which would lead me to an international performing career, and

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  • The Gift of Faith

    When I was first experiencing the effects of my abortion, I began to write down and memorize scripture verses about guilt, hope, forgiveness, and faith. One of the verses I wrote down about faith read, “Faith is the realization of what’s hoped for and evidence of things not seen.” I really liked this verse and it mentioned hope and faith, two things I was desperate to have.

    I needed faith to strengthen me to keep me going, and hope that God would get me through this pain. This “definition” of faith however, seemed more like a concept to me. Since

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  • Pride Versus Humility

    “But God, who is rich in mercy, was moved by the intense love with which He loved us, and when we were dead by reason of our transgressions, He made us live with the life of Christ. By grace you have been saved.” Ephesians 2: 4 -7

    Dead – that is exactly how I felt after my abortion. Waves of pain, guilt, shame, disgust, and despair. I was dead by reason of my transgression. Whatever relationship I had with God was now severed beyond repair. Little did I know that my abortion would be the beginning of a very long journey

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  • My Hiding Place

    At the age of 15, I met a 21 year-old man to whom I lost my virginity. After this guy left me brokenhearted and at the beginning of my sophomore year, I began dating one of my classmates. I started having sex with him because I had already done it and it seemed to be the normal thing to do. When I found out I was pregnant, I remember wanting to disappear because I knew I couldn’t come home with something like this. I had always been the baby of the family, how was I going to explain this? I

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  • Entering the Promised Land

    I could never have believed that God’s forgiveness was possible during the decades that I spent in post-abortion shame and isolation. It took a sonogram picture of my soon-to-be granddaughter to awaken a powerful haunting of conscience within me. My secret would no longer stay unspoken. I’m sure God tried to call me home decades ago but evil darkened my soul and held me captive in shame. I was afraid, feeling unworthy to dare to ask God if I could come back home. That’s probably why he sent me a parachute.

    Entering Canaan was almost a miraculous experience for me

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  • Choosing the way of Mercy

    In the summer of 1973 I had my first abortion. My doctor told me I was pregnant with twins and that an early, DNC-type abortion would cure that condition. I cannot remember how my boyfriend and I arrived at the decision to terminate my pregnancy, but I was a lost, impressionable, young woman, addicted to alcohol and an abusive boyfriend. I did not know I had a choice. We were living in the heart of darkness, and, as is typical of the chain of maladies that tend to rule the activities of the realm of darkness, the early abortion left

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  • Acknowledging My Sin

    Here I am today, two and a half years after my abortion, and I know that I have been changed. Through God’s mercy and forgiveness, I have begun to heal in ways that I never thought were possible. I had full intent on bearing the brunt of my sin of abortion for my entire life, never to experience full happiness – because that’s what I was sure I deserved. I had done the unthinkable and I was prepared to beat myself up forever. I assumed the pain would be bad, but it was so much worse than anyone could ever prepare

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  • Forgiveness

    “But do not give in to discouragement and do not lose hope.” The Gospel of Life

    Abortion is often thought of by those who have procured one as the “unforgivable sin.” There is a belief that there is no way God could possibly forgive such an act. This leaves those who have an abortion feeling doomed to hell with no way back.

    Feeling alienated from God and without hope of reconciliation has left many in the Catholic faith too terrified to confess, and convinced that their perceptions are truth. In addition, the ever-present manifestation of guilt and shame felt by

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  • Post partum depression & Abortion

    In 1979, I was married and had two children. I had suffered with post-partum depression after the births of each of my sons but to a much greater degree after the birth of my second son. When he was born in 1976, there may have been scientific evidence that post-partum depression was hormonal. In my case, the “medical professionals” that I was dealing with made me feel that it was my fault and the treatment and cure were more my responsibility and determination on my part would rectify the situation. It had been difficult for the whole family to deal

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  • Lost Motherhood

    In November of 2003, I became pregnant. Although it was unplanned, my baby definitely was not unwanted. I was very worried about telling my boyfriend the news and what his reaction would be. It was one of anger. How would we afford and take care of a baby? Eventually, he came around and said he would stand by me, but then he called telling me the baby was not his. This upset me so much, my sister told me it was better to take care of the “problem” now, rather than to give it up when it was born. She

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