Thank you so much for all your hard work making the Men’s 
Retreat happen! I feel very blessed to be in contact with you and now Father Mariusz and Bob as well!

It was a very, very important day in my life. I am still processing
it. There are so many thoughts and emotions that I experienced.
My main lesson of today was to trust Jesus and accept his mercy.
While I was speaking with the younger priest, he told me to open
up my heart and then ask Jesus to touch it to do His healing work.

This is a really beautiful image and one that I will continue praying
on. One thing from today that I am absolutely certain of is that God
was in the chapel with us today helping us as we fought to reclaim
our lives.

When you think that it is the right time in my healing journey,
I would be honored to help someone else who comes to you by
speaking with them over the phone. It’s probably a little too early
yet for me to counsel others but I wanted to put that out there for
when the right person comes along.

Thanks again, it was wonderful to meet you in person and I
pray for you and your very important work. – Drew