No one needs to remind those of us who have had an abortion that we rejected the gift of life God gave us. They were our children. Despite that, God still longs to join us together. To have us "reclaim" them.

It is not easy. We are often called murderers, and many would like us to dwell in our misery in what they see as a just punishment. They are right. But that is not God's desire. His desire is for us to allow Him into our lives and for us to experience His mercy. His desire is for us to embrace the children we aborted and who are now safely in the arms of Our Lady, praying for our conversion. 

I know beyond reason, the most powerful voices for the unborn are their mothers and fathers who mourn. Today at the Supreme Court many of those voices will be heard through Silent No More as they share the pain of abortion and reach out to others so they can learn of Gods mercy.

These women and men live each day knowing what they lost, having often given in to the lies of our society which misrepresents abortion, but the amazing thing about God's goodness is no matter what the circumstances He is there waiting to bring them peace and forgiveness.

It can be difficult at times to hold on to the truth of God's mercy, especially when you know the things people are throwing at you are true, but this is not about us. It is about a God who loves, who forgives and longs to give us His mercy.

It is about reconciliation, forgiveness, and the embrace of true love. It is about willingly suffering in reparation for our sins, not out of guilt or because we deserve it, but because we have been touched by Mercy Himself!

None of us will ever forget the babies we aborted. They are etched in our souls and hearts. Honestly, I would not want to forget. But we must cling to the forgiveness of God despite what some people say, despite what some people would like us to believe, despite what the devil throws at us, or those who think they know better than us. Despite our very own feelings, because all that matters in the end is the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ who died for our sins and longs to embrace us in His mercy.