As others joyfully await the birth of Jesus during the Advent Season, many who have experienced abortion find themselves far from the peace Christ.


Each day and moment of this time of preparation can be filled with anguish as the world awaits the birth of a Savior, while they perceive the birth of their damnation.


The grace, forgiveness and mercy of God are not a truth they can experience. Instead of resounding joy they are filled with resounding dread as they are reminded all too often, through the buying of presents, visits of Santa, the obedience of Mary and the birth of Christ Himself, all the ways they have failed.


In the coming weeks of Advent, we will be addressing some of these issues here on the blog through posts on Wednesdays and Fridays by others who have been through this experience and have now found peace.


Stop - push your thoughts aside. Listen, trust and believe in your redemption because it is true. Christmas is the birth of Mercy, Christ who has come to save us from our sins and heal our wounds.


As we walk through these Advent weeks may your be transformed from dread and sorrow  into a Glorious Expectation!